Delusions of Grandeur

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Posted on: January 23, 2004

Well, not alot new to report here. I still don’t have DSL, although the blame for that is currently residing somewhat uneasily on my own shoulders…..but I’ve pretty much worked out a way to shift that. 🙂 Turns out I gave the company the wrong phone number….the new number and one of my work numbers are remarkably similar and I keep getting them mixed up in my head. However, if the company had started implementing the change two weeks ago like they were supposed to I would have found out about this much sooner and been able to correct it……see, there goes the blame shifting! 🙂

Work has been pretty hectic, but is still satisfying. It’s nice to not have every day be the same old stuff, although definitely a bit stressful.

Home is still a bit transitional, we didn’t end up moving the stuff from seth’s parents garage until monday and I’ve been sick so I haven’t really done anything, although I’m feeling much better so those finishing touches (which is all that’s actually left) will be done this weekend, most likely tonight.

In other random news I got my christmas presents from Jessica’s family this week. They actually came in last week but I wasn’t able to get to the post office until Tuesday. I got this really pretty cameo ring from Daddy that he’s given all of us girls along with a really sweet note about how no matter how far away I am he’s always there for me. Her family is just amazing. They truly are more my family that my own family is.

Speaking of my family, I’ve had this strange rash of communication with my father, which has been nice, if a bit disconcerting. I still haven’t heard back from my mother, but no surprise (and quite a bit of relief) there.

Anyhow, I suppose I should get back to work, just figured I would update while I have a chance. As always, all paragraph breaks are courtesy of friendly reminders from Katie. 🙂

Hugs and love to all!


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