Delusions of Grandeur

Just another day

Posted on: January 25, 2004

Today has been pretty peaceful. We slept until almost 1 and then had a lazy breakfast. After that we started trying to accomplish a few things around the house. The end result is that all the art is now hung so there aren’t random scattered paintings in every room, my dresser is starting to look like an actual dresser instead of a storage pit, my shoes are all neatly organized on my new shoe rack and I’ve finally boxed up, wrapped and addressed all the packages that are a result of my San Francisco trip. I’ve decided to facilitate the actual sending of the packages that I should group them into as few packages as possible. As a result every family member I have in Texas must now make a trip to my grandmother’s house……oh yeah, Angela has to too……that is, if she ever wants her birthday present, although by the time I actually send this present it’ll likely be long past her birthday. 🙂 I figure I’ll send it next Thursday after I get paid again, I’m too close to broke to send it this pay period……although where the money goes I’ll always wonder.

On a different note, I got my hair cut yesterday. I really like it. It’s not nearly as short as the last time I cut it, but still very easy to maintain. I just couldn’t handle the nasty “growing out an old haircut” look any more. I figure if I just get it cut every three months to increasingly longer lengths I’ll eventually get it grown out to where it should be again without having to go through too much of an ackward phase. Granted it’ll take much longer to grow out this way, but it’s not like it would have happened over night the other way either.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it on here yet, but Seth got to put out a fire in our parking garage the other night. Some lady’s truck was shooting flames out the passenger window….it was a good thing she hadn’t parked even one spot over or she would have likely caught the trees that are on the edge of the garage on fire! She didn’t even know about the fire until long after everything was over. The truck is still sitting in the same place though, I wonder what they’re going to do with it? Anyhow, that was completely irrelevant but since I wasn’t sure I had written about it when it happened I figured I would post it now just so it was recorded for me to look back at a year from now and go “ooooh, I remember when that happened,” ’cause I’m wierd and I like doing that sort of thing.

Not alot else to report today but I’m trying to get back in the regular posting habit despite the lack of fast access internet. I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with Earthlink though and am trying to remember that I like them and that they’ve always been a very convenient company in the past. I suppose that’s all for today, tune in tomorrow for yet another riveting episode of “Nikki’s Life”


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