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After catching Son in Law on TBS I switched over to E! to catch all the red carpet moments that nobody will be talking about tomorrow……I had completely forgotten exactly how annoying Joan Rivers is… truly is frightening. Anyhow I’ll edit this post throughout the evening with whatever thoughts come to mind. In the meantime I suppose I’ll get back to work on all this stuff that needs to be done by tomorrow morning.

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More random quizzes but the pictures are rather large so I decided to use a cut…..

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Things are rather ridiculous at work right now, we just got our amendment for the focus group into the IRB and it should be approved on monday, which is good, because if it’s not approved on monday we have a nasty can of worms to deal with since the first focus group is scheduled for monday afternoon. Additionally we have a site visit that will be going on throughout wednesday and into thursday, the preparation for which has been driving me batty. To add to the madness, we have a six month progress report due at the end of March, which may sound like it’s a long ways away, but trust me, it’s not. We’re also in the middle of hiring a project coordinator, two interventionists and our recruitment/retention specialist…..only two of those people have been found so far and the candidate pool is getting pretty shallow at this point. We can’t finish writing the intervention manual until after the focus groups are finished which will likely be sometime towards the end of march and yet we’re supposed to start the intervention itself on the first of April…..somehow I don’t see that happening, but as the Chudley Cannons would say “cross your fingers and hope for the best.”

The good news is that it’s the weekend so I only have to spend a marginal amount of my time worrying about this…..the bad news is that I still have to worry about it since I’ve got to do some of the work sometime today, which I really don’t feel like messing with. In fact, this entire post has been one long attempt to put it all off…..a successful attempt at that. : ) I guess now I’ll wander off to find something else to waste time on and then maybe I’ll start working……..maybe.

Alright you all as we come closer to November and I get increasingly annoyed with our jerk of a president I find myself moved to bother with finding some of these resources. The Rolling Stone for Mar. 4 published an article about which is a very interesting site to check out if you want to catch some of the news that the major networks tend to censor. They also have the very amusing (until you realize they’re true and then they’re annoying as well as amusing) commercials for the “Bush in 30 seconds” commercials that were not allowed to be aired during the superbowl despite raising the money to pay for the spot.

Interesting news:
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Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

That’s just wonderful…..we all know what happens to him!!!! : ( Make me wanna cry just thinking about it…….poor Sirius. Oh well, at least I like him, I could have turned out to be Voldemort or Trelawney or Umbridge….

Okay so I still feel like crap, but I feel like crap that is four pounds lighter after just two days, whoohoo! Of course my entire body still hurts (probably because it’s busy eating itself) and I would still pretty much kill for real food, but if I keep losing weight like that then it’s all worth it. By the way, in case any of you were wondering what became of the communist bread……I threw it to the ducks downstairs who ALSO didn’t like it……you know you’ve reached an all time low when you’re consuming bread that even the ducks won’t eat!

And by that I don’t mean extraordinary for a normal person, no I mean extraordinary for me, which is unimaginable for most people. I’ve eaten until I’m physically full and yet I’m still hungry. In fact, mentally I feel as if I haven’t eaten a bite. In fact I would be quickly becoming convinced of the fact that I hadn’t already eaten if it weren’t for the fact that every time I think of the food I’m allowed to eat I feel ill. To top it all off my headache from yesterday has continued to build throughout today and I’m relatively certain I’m going to wake up tomorrow with another one of those blinding headaches which keep me in bed for the entirety of the day. This is probably a result of serious carb withdrawals combined with the fact that my dentist poked around on my gums yesterday which made them very unhappy. : ( See, told you I was whiny!

In related news, I discovered low carb bread mix that you make in the bread maker, thinking it may be a way to normalize my life a bit and trick my body into thinking it’s eating normal meals I tried it. Seriously, it’s like communism……..sounds great on paper but in reality it just makes you want to shoot yourself. To top it off I have half a bag of conversation hearts (my all time favorite candy) sitting on my desk and taunting me. I’ve come so close to picking it up and eating them but I’m NOT going to have gone through this for nothing…..I will survive this week……seriously, it’s supposed to get better soon. I just hope it doesn’t get worse first!!!!

I’m off to wallow in low-carb misery. By the way, Diet Dr. Pepper does NOT taste like the real thing. : (


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