Delusions of Grandeur

Boy is this random…..

Posted on: February 9, 2004

96% Of The Internet Loves Me!
I am loved by 96% of the population, including:
1237 people who love people who like vegetables
601 people who love people talking on cellular phones
966 people who love windows users

In return, I love 91% of the population, including:
1251 people who wear sweaters
1256 people who like vegetables
286 programmers
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You would think I would get over my wierd attraction to these things………but alas it’s apparently not to be.

Now that that’s over, just a small note on my life……I miss my friends. They’ve all disappeared and been swallowed up by th evil thing called life…..what’s worse is that they never post to tell me what’s going on in their life. I find myself rapidly approaching a whiny and demanding phase…..I figured it would be nice of me to post warning of this rapidly approaching mood type thing.

In other news, all is well with work. My boss is out for the week so I’ve found demands on my time have dropped considerably this week……I don’t even know what I’ll do with myself tomorrow……none of the usual endless Tuesday meetings. What a rare and joyous week it is. Plus I have next Monday off…..yay three day weekend!

I also think this will be my last week as one of the normal carb eating public…….yes, I admit it, I’ve caved…….I’m going to start the South Beach Diet next week…….although it’s after careful research and much general complaint from the part of me that is an absolute carbaholic. The main reason being that I find I’ve been getting incredible headaches, generally have no energy, hate waking up in the morning and spend a good portion of my day feeling sick. All of things are likely a direct result of my diet which this time of year consists of tootsie pops (because they sell the all cherry bags that I love) and conversation hearts (my absolute favorite candy). You would think just getting rid of these things would do it, but no……if I don’t eat the carbs then I get even WORSE headaches. Of course I’ve never forced myself to go without them long enough to reset my system which is what the South Beach Diet does……2 weeks of no carbs and then you can start re-introducing the healthy carbs. Everybody who’s tried it says the first week is pure hell but after that the cravings just sort of disappear……’ll be nice if it works, no more being a slave to the early morning Dr. Pepper or the late afternoon oreo cookies. Anyhow I’ll let you know how it goes……but I also wouldn’t be too surprised if it doesn’t happen for another week or two…….it’s somewhat expensive to eat healthy and I may have to wait for the next paycheck, which also gives me time to clear out some of the seriously dangerous foods that currently exist in my house.


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