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Posted on: February 12, 2004

Why oh why am I so stupidly drawn to these things?!?!? It’s like Angela’s insane obsession with chain mail……well, maybe not that bad, at least nobody has to worry about my obsession crowding up their mailbox until they start getting annoying messages about the mailbox being too full……..which, if you think about it, is really dumb, because doesn’t that just make the mailbox that much fuller? Or should that be more full?

Anyhow, all grammar issues aside, today has been a good and boring day. I have accomplished much in the way of killing trees by making the massive number of copies required of any protocol amendments to the IRB. Not only do you need 17 copies of the amendment form, you also need 17 copies of the new protocol, 17 copies of the new protocol that are highlighted to show changes, 17 copies of the new informed consent, 17 copies of the new informed consent that are highlighted to show changes, and 17 copies of any measures you may be using and/or any advertising material which in our case consists of an 8 page survey and a flyer. I think I’ve managed to chop down my own little forest today…..I wonder if Xerox replants little baby trees in the place of all the grown up trees they’ve slaughtered in the name of corporate nonsense.

Speaking of corporate nonsense, I found a pretty nifty and extremely marketable Master’s degree today that’s offered by UM. It’s a dual Master’s degree in Public Health and International Administration. The most important part is that the preparatory bachelor’s work that is required for it will actually utilize all those credits from CC so they’ll actually be useful for something. YAY! It also means it won’t take me as long to finish as it would have otherwise, which means I won’t be still working on my bachelor’s by the time my ten year reunion comes around, thank god! I can’t believe it’s almost six years already……what on earth have I been doing with my life?!?! If the timing works out correctly I should have just finished my master’s by the time the reunion rolls around which is a pretty respectable place to be. I’m not entirely sure why it matters, but for some reason it does.

In other career advancement news I’m taking the UMOS (UM office specialist) exam tomorrow so I’ll have a nifty little certificate that will officially declare that I know what the heck I’m doing when it comes to office programs…….that way I won’t have to hear any more of this nonsense about not having the right number of years’ experience or being too young to possibly know that much about office programs, blah blah blah. The other benefit is that the certification is required for the master’s program I mentioned in the previous program so I’ll have a head start. YAY again!

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for today. I’m glad to see that I’ve finally gotten past my posting slump of “nothing new to report today.” and actually have things to say. You guys, on the other hand, probably aren’t happy to see that, but deal with it…… should be well aware of the fact that meaningless rambling is just part of the nikki package. 🙂

Fortune Cookie

The skills you have gathered will help you breathe.

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Fortune Cookie

When planning your future always include pretzels.

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and finally……..

Fortune Cookie

The heart is wiser than the mayonaise.

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