Delusions of Grandeur

Happy nauseating pink and red day to all…..

Posted on: February 14, 2004

I never have been a fan of this holiday but it’s probably mean spiritied of me not to wish those of you who do like it a happy day, so there you have it, Happy Valentines Day. Anyhow, onto more important and infinitely more interesting topics, like me. 🙂 Just kidding. I’m actually remarkably boring, and am unfortunately also dressed completely in red white and pink by some strange twist of fate. I think it’s the direct result of pink being the only color of pajamas my grandmother will purchase me and while I don’t necessarily agree with her color scheme, she does happen to have very comfy taste in pajamas. I’ve got several different pair or the victoria’s secret drawstring comfy cotton pants…..all in various patterns and shades of pink. See, told you I’m not very interesting. 🙂

So on to the events in my not so interesting life. We went to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival today which was fun… was in the high 80’s today so very pleasant and warm. It wasn’t nearly as extensive as I remember the Main Street Arts Festival in Ft. Worth being, but maybe that’s just because it’s crammed into a smaller space so it doesn’t seem like there’s as much going on. Nonetheless, it was very interesting. I came across one both that was an artist who worked with woven aluminum…..if I had a spare $500 I totally would have bought some of their work…..but alas I’m poor and expensive artwork isn’t high on my list of priorities right now. I still have to work out some way to get a car.

After the arts festival we came home and relaxed for a while then seth had to leave to go teach. He should be back in about an hour and then we’ve been debating over whether we’re going to go see 50 first dates tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I find myself strongly leaning towards tomorrow afternoon…..I’ve got another one of those insane headaches. You’re probably thinking to yourself “If you’ve got a headache then what on earth are you doing on the computer?!” and my reply to that would be to inform you that laying down doesn’t get rid of the headache so I might as well be entertained while my head is pounding. But rest assured, I’m starting to get little spots in front of my eyes now so this entry won’t go on for too much longer. (Everybody cheer as they see the pending end of this inane rambling. YAY!)

Anyhow, all is mostly well and that’s the general message here. (Don’t you love it when I summarize things so succinctly for you guys?!) ; ) Oh yeah, and a quick reminder for Angela GO PICK UP YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!! That’s all, hope everybody has had a wonderful and happy “love day.”


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