Delusions of Grandeur

ever so amazingly bored

Posted on: February 18, 2004

I don’t what it is about Wednesday’s that can be so incredibly boring…..maybe it’s the break after the mad rush of a typical Tuesday? Anyhow, all is well and normal here. I talked to Angela last night for quite some time, which is relatively unusual because she typically gets annoyed with how long I’ve kept her on the phone fairly quickly and I can all but see her making that little “blah blah blah” hand gesture, which for some reason makes me nervous, which in turn forces me to make a quick retreat and get off the phone. But last night the cosmic forces were aligned in such a way that we had a long and funny conversation.

In a completely different direction have you ever noticed how much of the time it’s far cheaper to fly to some international location than it is to fly two states over. Why is that? I don’t understand why it would be cheaper for me to go to London than it would for me to go visit my family in Texas. I think it’s some sort of strange conspiracy but I have yet to figure out the motive. When I do they’ll probably kill me to keep me from informing the world, but you know, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the sake of knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, I’ve decided that I’m far too under-educated when it comes to literature so I’ve decided to take advantage of my boyfriend’s parents’ extensive library and start reading all those random books that they told us we should read by the time we finished college. I started with Sense and Sensibility since I loved the movie (I know, it’s awful to pick classic books based on how the movie turned out but deal with it.) So far it’s pretty similar, although the movie is easier to follow. I’m right at one of my favorite scenes from the movie….the “I think very highly of him…..I greatly esteem him….I like him” scene which Angela and I always go into hysterics during for some unknown reason.

Anyhow, that’s pretty much it for now. Just take a brief second to tell Daniel Happy Birthday on the off chance that he decides to read this thing sometime in the near future and then I’m off. Hugs and love to all and hope you’re all having great days. (It’s cold here so I’m only having a mediocre day…..see how nice I am to wish everybody a better day than I’m having) 😀


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