Delusions of Grandeur

Love is in the air…..

Posted on: February 18, 2004

I love earthlink…..seriously. They mess up somewhat frequently as of late, but they’re very cheerful and helpful when I call to make them fix it. I just got my bill for this coming month and they charged me for dial-up along with DSL which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t a tiny bit obsessive compulsive…..since the bill automatically comes out of my account I don’t usually even bother to check it, but I had a feeling that something was going to be wrong after this whole moving fiasco so I looked over it pretty closely and lo and behold, $21.95 charged to me that shouldn’t have been. Oh well, it’s all taken care of now and I have a credit to my account so all is well in nikki world.

Speaking of nikki world, I think I forgot to mention the results of that test I took last friday for the Office Specialist. I had a voicemail when I got to my office yesterday telling me I aced it, didn’t miss a single question, so I’m officially a certified office specialist. Wouldn’t be that big a deal except that it turns out it’s also part of the master’s program I want to do so I’m just that little bit ahead…….although considering how far behind I am since I can’t pick a major and stick with it I guess it doesn’t even come close to levelling out, but oh well.

In other news, I invented the best ice cream desert in the entire world last night. In a red plastic dixie cup (yes one of the red ones, the blue ones are strictly for beverages!!) put a scoop of Breyer’s Rocky Road Ice Cream. Add Baker’s premium white chocolate chunks, approx. 6 of them. Cover with chocolate syrup, I prefer Hershey’s. Add another scoop of Breyer’s Rocky Road Ice Cream and then repeat the toppings. Grab a spoon and enjoy the sinful fattening joy of the best ice cream desert in the world. (side note: I said Breyer’s for a reason….they cut their almonds in half and coat them in chocolate so it’s the best kind of store-bought rocky road currently available on the market.)

Anyhow, that’s pretty much for now….I’ve got to get off here, seth has a take home exam that’s due tomorrow and he’s got to use the computer. Hugs and love and happy thoughts!


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