Delusions of Grandeur

more orlando….harry potter fannish silliness

Posted on: March 7, 2004

Oh, I forgot to add in my previous entry…..

When we were in Downtown Disney we went into this store called “Starabilia” that, as you may have guessed, had all sorts of memorabilia from all sorts of famous people…..presidents, sports stars, movie stars, etc. They had there a set of the Gringotts coins from the first Harry Potter movie, framed along with three screenshots from the movie and the official conversion rate of wizarding money to british currency. They also had a couple of the letters from the first movie, but the best thing they had (and if I had 8000 dollars to waste then I totally would have bought it…and that was at half price) was the sweater worn by Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter to those of you who have no interest in this sort of thing….but if you have no interest why on earth are you reading this entry?!) under the Quidditch Robes in the Second movie… was also framed with three very good screenshots of Harry playing Quidditch. Very cool. I think if I was going to buy any of that sort of stuff though I would want one of the wands…..preferably Hermione’s since she’s my favorite, but Harry or Draco’s would be almost as cool. I really don’t like Ron that much so his would be a bit further down the list of desirability, although still higher than the rest of them. I haven’t really thought about the order beyond that as I’m not quite that far gone. (No offense intended to any of you who may be that far gone……there are many other Harry Potter topics I could obsess about for quite ridiculous amounts of time.)


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