Delusions of Grandeur

Orlando part 2

Posted on: March 7, 2004

Just got back from Orlando, which was tons of fun and we got lucky and had wonderful weather. It can often be 10 – 15 degrees colder there than it is in Miami so I was pleasantly surprised, because you just never know this time of year. It was in the mid-80’s with a light cloud cover so we didn’t get too hot. Shamu was very cool although I still can’t help but feel twinges of guilt every time I think of the show……for some reason my brain is irresistably drawn back to watching “Free Willy” (which I HATED, by the way) and I feel like the worst mean person in the entire world for supporting anything that would force such magnificent creatures to perform for their food. But, having been raised as a typical American, I quickly stamped down on the feelings of guilt and watched the show, amazed at all the cute things done by the gigantic killer whales and clapped along with the rest of the audience (well, the part of the audience that hadn’t been dumb enough to sit in the splash zone with expensive camera equipment despite the fact that we were warned no less than FOUR times that it was a bad idea to have expensive equipment in the splash zone…….those people weren’t clapping, they were running and tripping up the stairs, which was really rather amusing…..). That’s probably the biggest run-on sentence in history. 😉

We also saw the baby dolphins and the sharks and sting rays, several very ugly, very poisonous fish, some jelly fish which I am still scared of, having seen Sphere too many times (read that to mean once), and of course the penguins, baluga whales and the polar bear (who was asleep). We did not go see the manatees simply because they were a bit out of the way and we can look off our balcony on any given day at just about any given time and see them below us in the river. I guess the water in the Miami River is brackish for a good way up so they come up here and hang out.

We also rode Kracken, which is officially my favorite roller-coaster ever, an honor previously held by the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas (you know, the longest inverted roller coaster in the entire world). They did something with the design of Kracken so that the cars are spaced in such a way that the coaster can twist much more than your average coaster resulting in some pretty spectacular twists and turns. Definitely a must-ride for anybody making it down to Sea World Orlando. We finished the night with the fireworks show, which was very impressive. I hope I never get so jaded that fireworks lose their appeal.

As for non-Sea World activities, we made a quick trip up to Winter Park to stop by Chipotle as it’s actually completely foreign to Seth’s nature to get within 20 miles of one and NOT go eat there. Which is, of course, fine by me….I really do miss them. I also fail to see how such a small, middle of nowhere-esque place has a Chipotle and yet Miami doesn’t. Speaking of food, we went to Benihana’s again since we were staying in the Hilton where it’s located and once again it proved to be exceptionally good. The service there is beyond any Benihana we’ve been to before and that extends to the food as well. Completely broke my diet by having the fried rice, but to not have it would have been criminal. I didn’t drink any soda or cocktails though, nor did I order my usual Kappa roll appetizer so I was still much better than usual. I accidentally left my camera in the hotel room so I didn’t get any pictures, but that’s not really surprising. The only trip I’ve ever managed to take pictures of effectively is the trip to the UK last summer with Angela. I took pictures of San Francisco, but I have yet to develop them so I’m not sure they even count. Someday I’ll get around to scanning in the scrapbook pages from the UK trip and those of you who haven’t seen it yet can enjoy it too. It really was the best trip, but this entry is already long enough without me rambling on about that too. 🙂


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