Delusions of Grandeur

let’s get physical

Posted on: March 13, 2004

Alright, so now that I have strange songs about hearing your body talk running around in my head (who sang that song anyhow?)……you know I suddenly feel the urge to go off on a random tangent that involves lots of poorly used commas, parentheses, elipses and run on sentences, but I think I’ll restrain myself, at least for the most part. Or maybe not. So anyhow, as I started to tell you, my body is completely backwards from the way I’ve always thought things were supposed to work. My metabolism actually seems to speed up when I sleep. I know this can’t possibly be true, but it really does seem to be the case. All day long if the temperature dares to drop below 76 degrees (and often even when it doesn’t) I’ll be cold, I own tons of random throw-over-whatever-you’re-wearing sorts of sweaters. Yet I cannot comfortably sleep if the room temperature is above 70, and preferably hovering somewhere between 60 and 65. This is because when I sleep my body produces an insane, and often scary almost feverish amount of heat. I really don’t get it. And for some reason I woke up from my nap thinking that everybody (or at least anybody who bothers to read this) needs to know about this, so here I am sharing it with you. Now those of you who always suspected that I’m a bit off have proof……although whether the proof is that my body runs backwards or that I’m just wierd enough to dedicate a whole entry to it titled with a ridiculous song that is now running through everybody’s heads who spent any portion of their lives alive in the 80’s……on second thought, maybe I’m not wierd, I’m evil.


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