Delusions of Grandeur

there’s always room for J-E-L-L-O

Posted on: March 13, 2004

Alright so I was walking across my kitchen with one of those sugar free jello snack things and as i was lifting the spoon to my mouth the phone rang which startled me and caused me to jump, which in turn caused the jello on the spoon to slide to the floor. My dog was watching all this avidly, but didn’t come running across the floor to attack it because we’ve finally got him trained to not do that and since he was being good and it was sugar free I figured he could have it, it wasn’t that much after all. I have never EVER seen anything funnier……it’s been five minutes and he’s STILL trying to eat it…….

okay, I admit it, seth is out of town and I’m bored and using my dog for mindless entertainment…….but it’s fun so be quiet and let me enjoy my dog’s ridiculous antics. As i was writing this he finally figured out how to eat the jello…..I don’t know how he did it since the computer is in a completely different room, but when I went to check on him the jello was gone so his little peanut sized brain must have solved the mystery of the jello somehow.


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