Delusions of Grandeur


Posted on: March 14, 2004

Okay so I’m 4 minutes and approx. 50 seconds away from winning a complete set of harry potter cards for under 60 bucks……
Base Set #1-116 including 20 foils/holofoils

Quidditch Cup #1-81 non-foil set

Diagon Alley #1-80 non-foil set

Adventures at Hogwarts #1-80 non-foil set

Chamber of Secrets #1-140 non-foil set

I am totally excited by this. Of course I never play the game, but to have all the cards just makes my greedy capitalistic heart warm. Maybe I should seek therapy……but probably not…..after all if I had to pay for a therapist I couldn’t afford to waste money on card games I never play but like to own. I got some new cards the other day which was great because it seems like lately every time I buy a pack I kept getting the same cards….it got so bad that eventually I had to dump a bunch of my extras on Angela….although I’m not entirely sure if I ever gave them to her or not.

1 min and 38 seconds and I’m still the high bidder……..oooooh….I can’t wait. Just in resale value a full collection is worth much more than what I’m paying……..53 seconds……for some reason I keep expecting somebody to slip in at the last second…I’ve hit the refresh button on the page so much that I think my browser is becoming angry with me.

Crap….I lost with ten seconds left and didn’t get my bid in on time to beat the other person……..sigh……shoulda known it was too good to be true. 😦


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