Delusions of Grandeur

My current obsession

Posted on: March 18, 2004

I am desperately in love with the idea of a tablet pc, no more endless transcribing of notes from paper to the computer, no more forgotten to do lists, and many other cool things. I don’t know when this obsession started exactly, but it is unfortunately a very expensive obsession so I imagine it’ll be one of those things that I just keep wanting and don’t have……if only I had my salary and lived in a place that didn’t have a ridiculous cost of living…….sigh.

In other news, I upgraded my account because it annoyed me that I only had slots for 15 icons, so I now have room for 50, I’ve thus far only added 4, but they’re four good ones that I’m very happy with. They’re all harry potter right now but I’ve got some ideas for some non-hp icons too. I also, in the spirit of account renovation, looked at all the little mood icons that are available and once again came to the conclusion that I have the only one that I like, other than the cute little dragons that unfortunately, while they’re very cute, aren’t very “me.” Maybe I’ll get obsessive enough at some point that I’ll create my own mood theme, but I doubt it. And yes, I admit that I frequently use the “geeky” mood icon solely because it has harry potter glasses…….I know, I really should see somebody about this obsession, but it’s an obsession I can afford, unlike my tablet pc fantasies…….long dramatic needy greedy sigh……


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