Delusions of Grandeur


Posted on: March 22, 2004

Just a quick note so I will have updated today…..I got a lot done today, I went to the gym and got my access card so I’ll now be working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday since I have to be dropped off at work at 7:30 no matter what….might as well do something useful with my morning. Also, for those of you who may care, I’ve lost 12 pounds since starting my diet, which is no longer a low-carb diet, but simply a no sugar diet, it’s working very well, I’m the same size now that I was last spring which is great, and still losing weight….can’t wait to see the results I get once I start working out!! We also went and got Kae’s motorcycle today, I refuse to go into a long spiel about exactly how scary that is, but it’s terrifying and we’ll just leave it at that. Our other major purchase for the day was satellite radio for our house and the car, you have the system set up in each and just take the little reciever (like a radio faceplate) back and forth between them. I’m totally loving it, any music I could possibly think of has its own channel……oh the variety!!!! anyhow, off to bed now, hope all is well with everybody else.


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