Delusions of Grandeur

No more aching hands

Posted on: March 30, 2004

So when we had our usual staff meeting today my bosses told me that I don’t have to do the transcription of the focus group tapes because it’s something they can shove off on a temp and they would rather being using me for more meaningful work instead. I wanted to fall down on my knees and kiss their feet when they told me this, although I restrained myself to a simple heartfelt “thank you.” You have know idea how tedious those tapes where….plus everybody has these crazy accents so I have to keep rewinding to catch what they’re saying….just as I adjust to one accent and start thinking in it somebody else cuts in and I have to reset my mind. I know that sounds completely idiotic, but it’s truly the way it works. Now we just have to figure out the hiring process for the temp since we still don’t have anybody hired for the department HR position…..oh how I miss Eileen. She took forever to do anything but at least she knew what had to be done. Hopefully whoever takes over will have the same knowledge and just be quicker, but I would settle for the same knowledge.

In other work news, I’ve now been told that I’m to submit a plan of action for obtaining my bachelor’s degree so that my bosses can hold me to it, they’ve told me repeatedly that I have to get this degree so they can promote me to the position they want me in instead of the peon position I currently hold. If it weren’t for university policy I would already be in the higher position, but I guess that’s what I get for changing my major umpteen times. Definitely sad since the other position pays $50,000 a year which is more than double my current salary. Current plans are to start school again during the second summer session, I’m really hoping they take all my transfer credits so I don’t have to retake all those classes, but we’ll see what happens.


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