Delusions of Grandeur


Posted on: April 1, 2004

Just finished watching the Apprentice, I’m so sad. They fired Troy who was my absolute favorite and I know my second favorite, Quame isn’t going to win. He’s a great person but he really doesn’t have the energy (I know that probably isn’t the right word but it’s the best I can do right now) for a real leadership position. At this point in time I’m going to guess that the likely winner will be Amy, but Bill may still edge in and take it. I’m almost positive it won’t be Nick. I saw on the preview for next week that Omarosa is coming back, I have no idea what that is all about, but I really couldn’t stand her.

In other, non-television news, my legs are killing me, most likely due to all the rearranging of furniture we did yesterday afternoon and this morning, but they could just be hurting for no reason just because the cosmos is ticked off at me. I’m also missing my cellphone, putting all those numbers in the new one is going to be such a pain in the rear. Although the lack of it has led to me getting to make fun of my boyfriend a couple of times today when he forgets that it’s gone. For instance I was planning to walk home since the Acura place hadn’t finished with the work they were doing on his car, but I was a bit nervous at the idea and he said something along the lines of “well if you get nervous or if there are alot of sketchy people around just call me and I’ll talk with you until you get home” to which I replied, “on what, my SHOE?!?! Do you think I’m inspector gadget now?” Which was rather fun to say. Hmmmm….I wonder if this is what they mean when they say to look on the bright side. Who would have thought that the opportunity to make sarcastic comments would be the silver lining, but there you have it.


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