Delusions of Grandeur

you can be a criminal……

Posted on: April 1, 2004

……just don’t be a dumb criminal. My cellphone got stolen today, likely by one of my fellow employees and definitely by someone who was still in the vicinity of where we were working for a bit of time. They were so dumb they didn’t even bother to turn off the phone so when I was looking for it, thinking I had simply misplaced it and having somebody calling it, I heard. I got all excited thinking I was finally going to find it and just then they were dumb enough to answer the phone, at which point I immediately knew the phone was stolen, had the service cancelled and rendered the phone completely useless. To use the phone you would have to buy another sim card which costs like 80 bucks and you would have to move to another state because the only cellular service down here that uses my phone is cingular and to the best of my knowledge cingular won’t sell you a plan unless they sell you the phone also….they’re very strange and inconvenient like that. Anyhow, turns out my phone is expensive enough that stealing it is a felony so if the person ever gets caught, not only will they get fired (theft is quite obviously against university policy) but they end up with a criminal record. Although I don’t think it’s likely that the person will be caught, the police have the serial number of the phone, as does the phone company so if the person tries to activate it they’ll be caught immediately. The end result is that the person who stole my phone likely just landed themselves into a whole lot of hot water, or at the very least went to the trouble of stealing a phone that’s not going to do them a damn bit of good….not even to get themselves so much as a free phone call.


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