Delusions of Grandeur

I can’t believe I finally did it……

Posted on: April 3, 2004

I’ve been thinking about getting my belly-button pierced since I don’t even remember when, although I suspect it was sometime my sophomore or junior year of high school…..for years I’ve agonized over whether it would hurt, whether I would end up with the misfortune of going to the wrong place and find that they had used an unsterilized needle leading to infections of all sorts, up to and including HIV, whether I was too fat, or too thin, or too pale, or too boring, you name it and I’ve agonized over it. (alright, you already know I’m a bit neurotic, don’t act surprised.) So finally today, in celebration of my return to thinness (which still isn’t complete, but which is coming along nicely, I’m down a little over 15 pounds so five more to go and even I can’t say I’m fat) I did it. It took absolutely no time, only hurt a little bit and is now completely unnoticeable. I’m hoping it’ll heal fast so I can get the belly button ring that I want, which is this cute little diamond fairy that is just beyond adorable. Seth really likes it too and agrees that it is an appropriate present to welcome myself back to the land of the thin, even though he says I never left it to begin with. (and guys wonder why we never trust their opinion, flattery is nice, but so is the truth.)


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