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Posted on: April 7, 2004

Warning: long paragraphs ahead….sorry Katie.

Got the new Edward Rutherford book today “Princes of Ireland” which looks like it’ll be very good. I’ve not read any of his other novels but I’ve heard very good things about them so I figured this one would be a good one to start with. I love historic fiction, one of my all time favorite series is the earth children’s series by Jean Auel which is set during the Ice Age. I guess the factual basis for the stories just make them that much more real to me. I thought about picking up one of the Lemony Snicket books too, just to see what all the hype is about, but after speaking to Jessica, whose sister is a big fan, decided against it. Jessica has read a couple of them and she said they’re pretty good, but not on the same level as HP plus they have annoying interruptions where they define words which really distracted her from the story line so I’ll just wait for the movie…..there was a pretty funny story today on yahoo about Jim Carrey on the set of the first movie, something about him trying to amuse the kids and then falling off a roof and ending up hanging by his pants which resulted in much hilarity and thankfully nobody getting hurt.

In political news I am currently trying to avoid all paranoid thoughts while simultaneously looking up immigration requirements to various countries….I currently have enough points to move to Canada so I’m definitely keeping that as an open option…..If I just had my bachelor’s I would have enough points for the UK and Australia but right now I’m a few points shy…..I’ll probably check into New Zealand next…..that seems like a country that won’t bother getting swept up in the war and that everybody will pretty much ignore, I wonder how stringent their requirements are. Then again if Bush ignores another terrorist attack and then suspends the elections in November (the current talk point on all the conservative radio shows which scares the living daylights out of me…but as I mentioned, I’m trying to avoid those thoughts) maybe I’ll just be able to claim political asylum and won’t have to worry about immigration requirements…..

In work news, everything is pretty much business as usual with the exception that one of the new employees is driving me up the wall. We’re a very small budget project, it’s a HRSA grant for 300,000 a year, which may sound like alot, but most of it disappears to salary pretty quickly. The employee who is currently making me consider therapy has a salary that personally takes up 10% of the annual budget. She’s not very highly placed, although still important, she doesn’t have a supervisory position and yet seems to have been extremely spoiled in her previous position, which I believe was under a NIH grant, so that makes sense. Just as an example she’s currently angry because she doesn’t yet have the key to her desk because I’ve had to order it from the physical plant….you don’t work at the university for nine years, as she has, and not know that things take a while to get done, especially when they go through the physical plant. Yet she’s asked me about this stupid key 5 times a day for the last three days….it makes me want to pull my hair out. Finally today I pointed out to her that at least she can get into her desk, I was locked out of mine and had to wait over SIX MONTHS to get my key since it wasn’t a university standard key….that finally shut her up about her desk, at least to me. The most recent one was a request for business cards….what the heck does she need business cards for?!?!?! There is nothing in her job description that comes close to requiring them….NOTHING, yet she’s asking me for them….after I once again explained to her that the grant doesn’t have a very large budget and she once again got huffy with me I came very close to saying, “but if they’re that important to you we can certainly pay you less so we can afford luxuries of that nature.” I didn’t, but god I can’t tell you how much I wanted to. I did, however, point out that the project coordinator is her supervisor and all requests should go through her and she will forward those she deems appropriate to me……that should curtail some of those annoying visits to my office. I don’t know what magical department she worked at in the university where everything happened immediately as she claims, but I want to move there, god knows it would be nice to not have to buy all my own office supplies…..and she wants business cards, HA!!!

Wow, this entry started out so calm…..maybe I should have reversed the order of information so I could feel calm at the end instead of feeling annoyed all over again. I’ll just remind myself a few times that I actually really do like my job……that at least I’m seldom bored, etc. etc.


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