Delusions of Grandeur

General boredom

Posted on: April 16, 2004

Do any of you remember that commercial for I think it was bell south dsl that was around back when DSL first became easily available to the average person…..the one where the guy is on the internet for a while and eventually an error box pops up that says something along the lines of “you have reached the end of the internet.” This is one of those weekends where I feel like that’s what has happened. I can usually spend endless hours entertaining myself with the internet…, thinking about things to shop for, researching whatever random thought pops into my head, reading articles about Bush’s latest annoying comments, spending hours finding new fan fic and then more hours reading it, but today nothin’. I’ve only been online for an hour and I’m so incredibly bored that I can hardly believe it. It’s not like I’ve had an abundance of internet time this week or anything either. Seth has been working on the 20 page paper he has due in a week or so which has resulted in him absorbing all the free computer time. You would think this would result in me craving the internet and needing to spend even more time on it, but no, instead there’s nothin’. Any of y’all ever have this problem?


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