Delusions of Grandeur

That’s what friends are for

Posted on: April 20, 2004

It was pointed out to me today by Katy that I’ve been fairly irregular in my posting pattern lately. This is one of the reasons I love my friends so much…..they don’t pester you or give you guilt trips if they don’t hear from you in a while, but they make sure to check in and make sure everything is going alright. All my friends are much better friends than I am, which does lead to feelings of guilt, but it’s not their fault. 🙂 With that in mind I guess it’s time for a general update.

Work is going well, all our new staff are settling into their positions. We still have one more to hire but we’re holding off because we’re not allowed to train them until after they’ve taken the provider assessment that is administered by the multi-site coordinating center. The problem is that they just changed the assessment so we have to wait for the most recent changes to be approved, which pushes things back quite a bit. That’s okay though, it’s more money that we save by not having to hire them until later. Our semi-annual report is due at the end of the month and for once it’s well under way long before it’s due date, which will be a nice change from our usual method of doing it at the last possible second. That’s the best thing about having everybody on board finally. We also have a multi-site meeting coming up in the beginning of May to prepare for as well as an as yet unscheduled site visit that is also supposed to take place some time towards the middle or end of May.

In funny work news, we finally got space for all our people. Additionally we have a small conference room. The maintenance at the university will paint for us, either something from their rather limited selection or something we buy ourselves. We decided to paint the conference room one of their colors and to buy our own color for the larger area where everybody’s workstations are. After much argument over what color we should paint I finally caved in to my boss’ feelings that we should use the dark yellow color that she already has in her own office, despite my dire warnings. They painted yesterday evening so it was done when we arrived today. I have to say, it certainly doesn’t look the same as it does in her office….it’s blindingly bright. I have suspicions that if we close the door and turn off the lights we would still be able to see quite adequately because the walls seem to give off a light of their own. Needless to say my boss now agrees with me and we’re buying different paint….this time in a nice relaxing blue that can’t possibly provide it’s own light source.

In life news, Seth has finals coming up so he’s been relatively tense. He’s also taken over almost exclusive control of the computer at home which has resulted in even fewer posts since I’ve also been busy at work. His mom had surgery yesterday and everything seems to have gone very well. She’ll be going home tomorrow. I’ve still only lost 15 pounds, which I’m only slightly satisfied with. I think when I actually start working out again that will increase and be a more satisfying weight loss since some of the flab will be replaced with something resembling muscles. I also dyed my hair this weekend, once again back to the reddish color that it was for many years, I’m sure you guys remember it.

That’s pretty much everything for now, which is good because this post is now insanely long. A quick soon to be Happy Birthday to Jessica (who almost never reads this since she refuses to join the current century, but I’m sure Katy will pass the message on to her) and congrats to Katy whose job seems to be going very well. I also have to say congrats to Daniel who recently made it past the three month mark in his relationship which is quite the landmark for him….way to conquer that commitment phobia! I also want to send out some warm and happy thoughts to Ryan, whose mother had surgery this past weekend. I don’t know how the surgery went, but I’m hoping everything came out alright. Hugs and love and happy thoughts to the rest of you guys….oh yeah, and a quick thank you to Angela for FINALLY posting. 🙂 😉


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