Delusions of Grandeur

Random update and Birthday wishes

Posted on: April 23, 2004

Alright so ever since my cell phone was stolen I’ve been floating in a phone number-less limbo which is the direct result of the fact that I’m simply too lazy to remember numbers now that they’re all stored in such a handy device. The result of this is that I don’t have Christina’s phone number, nor can I remember her email address and today’s her birthday which has left me without ways to wish her happy birthday. So instead I’m posting this here on the off chance that she might stop by, which is a pretty slim chance since she’s been pretty scarce these past couple of months. I also posted to her livejournal in the hopes that she has email notification activated, but I’m not sure if she does since she doesn’t have her email addy on her profile page. Anyhow, enough of that, I suppose I should have kept some sort of master list of phone numbers someplace that wouldn’t get stolen and then none of this would be a problem, but I didn’t and I probably never will.

In other news, Seth is now convinced that Jerry Springer is caught up in some sort of Republican conspiracy. He’s convinced of this because the last few times he’s happened to catch the show (yes I’ve warned him numerous times that it’s going to warp his brain, he remains unworried) the same scenario has played out. Some random audience member will ask one of the people on stage how they plan to support their strange pudding eating habit, illegitimate child, house full of sex slaves, etc and the wierdo on stage always replies with something along the lines (almost word for word apparently) of “Well I don’t have any worries about that in this economy, thanks to George W. Bush I can pay for all the (pudding, sex slaves, illegitimate chlildren…whatever) I want.” After which the entire audience starts chanting U-S-A and a flag waves across the screen. The first time he saw it Seth just thought that they were incredibly stupid people, as typified by those present on that show, who simply had no idea that there’s nothing about George W. Bush’s economy that’s helping them, although I’m sure Mr. Springer is doing quite fine. The second time he blew it off as coincidence. Today was the third time and he called me panicked about the idea that Jerry Springer was using his show for Republican propaganda, which unfortunately has a rather large viewing audience. He calmed down a bit when I pointed out that a large portion of that audience isn’t a voting audience, but he’s now worried. I’ve been hearing random conspiracy theories ever since, he can’t decide whether Jerry’s doing it because he’s afraid if he doesn’t he’ll end up like Howard Stern or if he’s just making so much money in this economy that he actually is pro-Bush.

As for news that totally shook the foundation of my world, Cliff, one of Seth’s best friends, is reportedly getting married. None of you but Angela, and Jenny if she’s reading this, have any idea as to why this might be so shocking, but let’s just say I would have expected George W. to admit to the fact that he lied to the entire country before I would have expected Cliff to get married. In fact, he’s pretty much the last person I can picture in wedded bliss, but there you have it, this week’s sign of the apocalypse.


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