Delusions of Grandeur

Mother’s Day

Posted on: May 2, 2004

For once I’m being semi prepared and have bought mother’s day presents for my grandmother and Jessica’s mom early enough that the recipients should get them sometime before the end of May. This is not usually the case with presents I buy…..not that I always buy things late, but usually that I’m just too lazy to deal with the post office and send them. I got my grandmother a gorgeous 18 inch strand of 7.5 mm freshwater cultured pearls with a 14 kt. gold clasp. The clasp is the only thing I’m not entirely happy with, I would have preferred white gold, but it wasn’t to be found. I’m not going to complain though because it’s a $500 strand of pearls and I got it for a significant discount.

As for Jessica’s mom, my original idea was to get her a spa package, but after much frustrating search on the internet I found that the closest spa is in Muskogee, which doesn’t have a website and after I called them I found out that there massage therapist just quit and they don’t have any brochures to send me….after being told all the things they don’t have I decided that they were out. I then turned to Tulsa but couldn’t get any of them to answer their phone, which instantly inspires distrust in me. My next idea was to check if the Hilton had a spa, the vast majority of them do, but then I started thinking about how annoying it would be to drive for over an hour to go relax and then have to drive back home and it just seemed like it was going to be more complicating than it would be relaxing. So instead I’ve purchased a series of books signed by one of her favorite authors and that’s taken care of. At least I can trust that new books are pretty standard across the board, unlike unknown spas that don’t answer their phones. I am also having difficulty fathoming the fact that none of them had websites… does a business survive in this day and age and not have a website?

Anyhow, that’s my mother’s day shopping complete. We’re going out this shortly to see if we can find something for Seth’s mother. We also need to find something for Candice, she’s graduating from law school and is having a party on Friday. What do you get a lawyer?


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