Delusions of Grandeur

goodbye FRIENDS

Posted on: May 6, 2004

Wow….I can’t believe it’s really over. I know these past couple of seasons I’ve been alot less dedicated than my usual fanaticism and it was definitely time for it to end, but it’s still surreal to know that that’s really it. I can’t believe that this time they can’t yank me around and break up ross and rachel yet again, this time they can’t show another episode and be like “just kidding.” That’s really the way it ends. I was kinda surprised when they didn’t set up the Joey moving to Hollywood story line but I’m glad they didn’t. As for the clips show before the final episode, well, I’m not nearly as happy with the job they did on that. The best clip show ever I think is still the Ross/Rachel clip show that was the episode where Ross sent out the invitations to his and Emily’s wedding. I also really liked the Joey clips from last season and I think there’s one that’s a bunch of Joey and Chandler moments that I really like too. But I can’t be too unhappy with it because they did include the best line from the show EVER (if you don’t know which line I’m talking about, well, refer to the icon). I’m still surprised that the best line was a Joey line and not a Chandler line, but whatever, I guess it’s quality over quantity in this case. Anyhow, I suppose that’s enough rambling, I really don’t have anything else to say that doesn’t circle around the central theme of how strange it is for this to be the end. Of course the good news is that now I only have three more seasons to buy on DVD before I have the complete collection and I imagine those three will be out before the end of the year so soon I’ll be able to watch whatever episode I want whenever I want. I wish I still lived at home, I could have managed a goodbye sort of marathon there……Angela would have watched butt numbing hours of FRIENDS with me if I begged hard enough. 🙂


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