Delusions of Grandeur

Hooray Beer!

Posted on: May 16, 2004

Well, not really, but just Hooray in general. I got Jessica’s plane ticket for $195 less than the travel agent was trying to charge her which is pretty awesome. I am a priceline GENIUS! Not to be immodest or anything. 🙂 Anyhow, as you can see I got internet access briefly which I used to obsessively watch the Harry Potter previews yet again and get Jessica’s plane ticket. The Ren faire was awesome today, more details from the trip to come when I get home tomorrow. Or maybe the details will happen on monday since I’m not getting home until 11 tomorrow and I have class bright and early on monday in a classroom that I don’t know the location of on a campus that I continually get lost on. Why oh why can’t I just make them come to me? Or better yet take the stupid classes on the internet. Everything should be on the internet. More internet ranting will also likely occur tomorrow, or possibly monday, as previously stated and you probably don’t want to get me started on that again. Hope all is well with everybody. Angela, get off your lazy butt and update your journal. For that matter, ALL of you are lazy bums, where ARE you people? Usually I leave for a few days and I can’t keep up with everything that I missed, but NOOOOOOOOO everybody has just disappeared for no apparent reason. Don’t make me call you.


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