Delusions of Grandeur

Feeling better

Posted on: May 19, 2004

My boss told me to stay home today so for the first time since I got this stupid infection I had a whole day to do nothing in. (I also missed class.) The improvement is remarkable. I now have a voice, I can lean my head forward without feeling as if it’s going to explode and I no longer have to constantly have a tissue in my hand, all of which I am very happy about. I still have very little energy, but I expect that won’t be a problem by tomorrow. thank god for antibiotics! Anyhow, on to the long awaited summary of my trip to Oklahoma……

Other than the sinus infection everything went really well. We spent the first couple of days pretty much just hanging out and working on the chemise for my renaissance costume. We also made mostly sugar free cookies that turned out pretty good…..although they had an incredibly fluffy texture that was a bit reminiscent of cake, but that’s never a bad thing. Friday night we went out to dinner at a pretty good barbecue place, certainly better than any barbecue we’ve got around here! Saturday we headed off to the Renaissance faire at the Muskogee castle. Everybody gets really into it there so it’s a lot of fun and my costume turned out great. Jessica and Jennifer took pictures so I imagine some of them will make their way into my hands eventually. The funniest part of the entire day was when the white knight (who was the same one from last year) looked at us for a minute and was like “didn’t you guys boo me last year?” That was absolutely hysterical, and not a little bit surprising because I certainly didn’t expect him to remember us. He lost the joust so afterwards when he called out to us that his blood was on our hands we reminded him that we had warned him last time that the bad side always wins eventually. All in all it was an amusing little interlude. We also ran into Tom and his family. I haven’t seen Tom since senior year so it was nice, his daughter is absolutely adorable. Momma and Daddy showed up for the last part of the faire, although I’m not sure that they had very much fun. Daniel said he had fun this year which was nice since he absolutely hated it last year. Katy paid my entrance to the faire as my birthday present (thanks again Katy!) and Jessica bought me a gorgeous necklace so I spent remarkably little money. After the Faire we had a game night over at Katy’s which was also fun. Sunday morning we spent lazing around and packing and Sunday afternoon I was on a plane on my way home… the time I hit Dallas I was pretty sick and when I landed in Miami I was downright miserable and that has been pretty much my state up until this afternoon when I finally started to feel better.

Anyhow, there’s my update, as promised. 🙂


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