Delusions of Grandeur

boy do I have issues

Posted on: May 20, 2004

I’m taking a quick study break because:
a) I don’t actually like studying and don’t really feel I need to, but don’t want to seem like an arrogant jerk
b) to tell you that I am WAY too ridiculously anal to be able to survive in this world.

I’ve been re-arranging my notes into a new, neater format (complete w/ summary charts and the occasional graph). As I’ve been doing this I’ve been starting every page on the first line (not the gigantic header line) and on this page I accidentally started it on the gigantic header line, the result of which was that before I knew what I was doing I had torn out the sheet and wadded it up. It was as my hand was poised to throw it in the garbage that I realized that I had thrown out a perfectly good sheet of paper (2 actually since I grabbed two sheets accidentally and didn’t notice until I was halfway down the little tearout perforation) simply because I had started a quarter of an inch too high on the paper. Is that not worthy of ridicule?

edited to add: another example of this ridiculous behavior is the fact that I just opened this three days later to add the letter “o” to the second “to” in letter b)


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