Delusions of Grandeur

Why I hate group projects….

Posted on: May 25, 2004

So we’re supposed to be working in groups for the entirety of the class I’m taking right now (organizational business – sort of business psychology) which of course annoys me since I hate, and always have hated, working in groups. Nothing about this should surprise any of you since every last one of you are quite familiar with my control freak tendencies. So far we’ve done one of the case studies and started working on the big field project. On the first case study she actually sort of tried to contribute, her contribution was just so meager that I endedup having to find some way to work her drivel into the answers I came up with. When we got back the graded case study I noticed that everything she had forced me to add resulted in comments in red from the professor. We still got an A so I didn’t say anything about it.

As for the field study she’s been very enthusiastic and has clearly stated that she wants to finish it early so she’ll have this weekend free (the professor has given us past the end of class by one weekend to finish it) yet she hasn’t done ANY of the work. Beyond not helping with the general questionaire, she hasn’t yet done her portion of the study. Additionally we have a second case study that’s due, we had a choice of one that was due yesterday and one that was due today. We didn’t do yesterdays by mutual consent, I was much too busy at work and she had class until 8:30 (it was supposed to be 9 but the professor let them out early). She missed class today and as of yet has not responded to my emails. I’ve already done the case study for tomorrow and have printed out one version with both our names on it and one version with just my name.

If she is absent from class again tomorrow I will be forced to turn in the one that just has my name on it since all group members must be present when the assignment is turned in to get credit. I don’t know why I even bothered to print one out with both our names on it, but I kept having these images of her having been in a bad wreck or something happening to one of her kids and that’s why she hadn’t got back to me and I would have felt incredibly guilty if that was the case and I added to her grief by causing her to get a low grade in the class. However, at the end of the class when the professor makes us fill out the survey on participation of each group member I will most likely be filling in very negative information for her, unless of course she suddenly pulls through at the last minute and takes care of her part of the field study. I don’t know why that thought makes me feel so guilty, but it really does. I hate giving negative performance reviews.

(paragraphs gratuitously added for the sake of my friends’ eyesight)


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