Delusions of Grandeur

I figured out a secret

Posted on: May 27, 2004

In an effort to avoid studying for my final I’ve been playing around on the website Katie just posted . There’s all kinds of random information there and there are supposed to secret things hidden throughout the site. I figured I had better add a cut in, just in case some of you want to figure things out for yourselves. I noticed the cell phone in the upper left corner of the desk (at first I thought it was a calculator, until I noticed the little phone button) which of course made me think of what references to phone numbers there are in the books. This of course led me to Order of the Phoenix, in which you must dial a code in an abandoned, seemingly out of service phone booth to enter the ministry of magic. The number is 62442, which if you look at your phone, you will notice spells out magic. I entered it into the phone, just to see if it would work and got one of the pages of extra content. It is, of course, completely illegible, but I imagine of these days I’ll figure out what at least parts of it say.

edited to add: after further playing around I noticed I could pick up the eraser in the “extras” section, which led me to wipe it across the blank sheet, just to see what happened and lo and behold a formula was revealed. I went to find the items that were on the formula and got a typed manuscript page from the first draft of philospher’s stone. pretty nifty, eh?


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