Delusions of Grandeur

Mysterious ways

Posted on: May 27, 2004

A couple of months ago…..well, it’s almost June, so around six months ago now, our computer mysteriously started trying to run check disk every time it was started up or reset. It would never complete the check disk, just keep running in a never ending loop until you hit “any key” to cancel the process. This led to much frustration on our parts because we would often forget about this, turn the computer on and go to make a drink, or a sandwich, or walk the dog or any of a myriad of other things that can distract you from a freshly turned on computer, and return to find that it was going through this stupid loop because we had forgotten to hit any key. Today, just as mysteriously as it started, it stopped. So to whatever cosmic force brought about the cessation of the incredibly annoying check disk loop, I give my eternal gratitude……I may even build a shrine.

I have alot of other random news about such interesting things as the radio station I’m currently listening to, the numbing effects of massive amounts of sudafed, my observances on traffic patterns to and from school and the scary nature of UM students, but all that will have to wait because dinner is ready and seth is getting impatient with me since he called me to let me know dinner is ready and I keep typing.


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