Delusions of Grandeur

Health update

Posted on: May 28, 2004

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned recently that the past couple of days I’ve been having this wierd combo ear / throat pain. I spent days trying to convince myself that it was just a result of the drainage from the sinus infection from last week and massive allergy attack that the entire city suffered this week. Yesterday one of my co-workers mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well. When I asked her what was wrong she started describing the same symptoms I was having. The only thing is that she doesn’t suffer from allergies so there’s no way it was drainage in her case. She went to the doctor this morning and they did a throat culture and told her she had strep throat. Well as many of you know, I can get strep when somebody who’s even in the same county as me has it, I’m extremely sensitive to it. Needless to say with a three day weekend coming up I panicked and decided I had better go to the doctor and find out what’s wrong with me, just in case. The good news is that I don’t have strep throat.

The bad news is that one of my wisdom teeth shifted a bit and now there’s just the tiniest gap between it and the bit of skin/gum that was covering it. This gap allowed bacteria in and I now have an incredibly bad infection all throughout the soft tissue in the roof of my mouth and around the left side of my throat. It’s pretty bad which is why my ear was bothering me (apparently they’re very close) and why it hurt to open my mouth too far. The dentist (where the doctor sent me when she couldn’t figure out what was wrong) told me that if I hadn’t come in today I wouldn’t have been able to open my mouth at all by monday. So now I’ve got ANOTHER set of antibiotics, plus Darvocet for the pain and an appointment of Friday with the oral surgeon. If the infection has gone down they’ll operate on Friday and if not then they’ll keep me on antibiotics until it goes away enough for them to operate. For your convenience I went to the trouble of looking up this incredibly strange thing. Why can’t I have something NORMAL?!


This is an inflammation and infection of the tissues that cover the chewing surfaces of the teeth that are not fully erupted. The gums in that area can be red, swollen, and painful to touch. It also may be difficult to open the mouth. In addition, there can be a discharge of pus. Like with all other infections, pericoronitis can spread and create further systemic complications like lymph node enlargement, fever, and malaise. Pericoronitis is treated with a thorough cleaning and irrigation of the affected area. It may be necessary to surgically reshape the gum around the partially-erupted tooth or to remove the tooth. Antibiotic treatment also may be necessary.


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