Delusions of Grandeur

Just took my final

Posted on: May 28, 2004

I’m pretty certain that I aced it. As it stands right now I’ve got the highest grade in the class. I had the highest grade on the first exam (97), the average grade was only a 68, which is pretty astonishing since it was a relatively easy test, mostly multiple choice. I think if the UM students would spend as much times studying as they do fixing their hair – or even half that time in some of their cases- they would do much better in class. I’ve never seen such a ridiculous environment, these people make TCU students look like complete slobs. It’s like constantly walking around in an incredibly expensive fashion show! Anyhow, that means class is finished, except for the final project which is due on Tuesday, but I should be able to finish it by tomorrow. I just have a couple of more things to do and then finish writing it up. I’ve already done half the write-up so that’s not a problem. I found out what happened to my partner, she had a pinched nerve and was put on all kinds of pain killers and muscle relaxers. Anyhow our professor told us to work out the responsibility between ourselves, but warned her that she knows my writing style and if it’s evident that most of the work was mine then she would be in trouble. The professor’s recommendation was that we each do our own project, and that’s pretty much what we’ve decided to do. Well, better get off here and get to work, thank god it’s friday…and a three day weekend!


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