Delusions of Grandeur

Harry Potter

Posted on: June 4, 2004

I loved it, I absolutely loved it. I don’t care that there was little to no character development or that they didn’t explain anything very thoroughly, if you need in depth explanations read the book. I knew they were going to have to cut stuff but somehow it didn’t bother me as much for this one as it did for secrets, which I hated. I loved the way they used the whomping willow for the transitions between seasons….and the werewolf…..that thing scared the living daylights out of me!!! I was also really worried when I saw all the previews because it showed them mostly wearing muggle clothing and I had this horrific thought that he had done away with the robes completely, but he didn’t, just left the muggle clothing for weekends and such which was perfect. I loved the marauder’s map, surprisingly I loved Lupin (I didn’t think I would when I saw the casting), Sirius was so well done I wanted to cry when he was talking to Harry about living with him… and Harry……that scene where he was telling Hermione about how he and Sirius are going to get a house in the country……I just felt so awful for both of them, and that wasn’t even taking into consideration the fifth book….I don’t know that I’m going to be able to watch the movie for book five. I also loved Hermione, but she’s always been my favorite. Surprisingly I liked Ron and historically I’ve been completely unable to tolerate him. It’s probably because he was reduced to only a few funny lines and other than that we didn’t have to see him. I bet several people end up hating the movie for that reason, but it was fine with me. 🙂 They did an awesome job with Buckbeak. Of course I can’t leave out Malfoy, that scene at the shrieking shack was just too hilarious.

Wow, I’ve just used an incredible number of elipses! Anyhow my one complaint is that they wasted time showing that incredibly stupid choir scene that was beyond unnecessary. I felt they should have used that amount of time in adding in a scene elsewhere to at least briefly explain just who the heck moony, wormtail, padfoot and prongs actually are, I think that would have been a great scene with Lupin. I have a feeling it’s something will see in the outtakes once the dvd comes out. Maybe they’ll do something like they’ve done with the LOTR movies and add in some extra scenes automatically for the dvd. Anyhow I now have a mission. JKR said in an interview that there were some things that were added to the movie that when she saw them she thought people were going to think that it was intentional because they foreshadow things in books six and seven. Now I’ve got to go back and re-read book three then see the movie again so I can figure out what they added. (see I’ve already thought up an excuse to see it again!)

Hmmmm….have I mentioned that I loved it?


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