Delusions of Grandeur

yet another painkiller entry

Posted on: June 4, 2004

dude, I went to sleep after taking the last painkiller so i didn’t notice the effect it had. This time I took it and fifteen minutes later felt as if I had three shots of tequila in quick succession. I may feel drunk, but you know I’m certainly not feeling anything from my teeth! I’m not sure if maybe I underestimated my pain tolerance, if these painkillers are just better than the ones everybody else got or what, but this isn’t really nearly as bad as I was anticipating. I haven’t even been bleeding that much and what I have been bleeding has been absorbed by all the gauze. Now I have an incredibly annoying case of hiccups which is adding to the drunk feeling. I don’t want to go to sleep yet, but I imagine that I will be finding myself heading to bed here shortly, I didn’t even know these things could work this quickly! I want to go see Harry Potter again, but I imagine I’ll probably wait until next weekend when Jessica is down. We can go see it in the IMAX then. 🙂


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