Delusions of Grandeur

mush mush and sitting on my tush

Posted on: June 6, 2004

Wow…..obviously painkillers do NOT make me better with rhymes, that title is horrible. But I’ll leave it because if I don’t it’ll be stuck in my head all day and that’s just a bad way to exist. 🙂 So I’ve still experienced no real pain, although when I’ve gone closer to six hours before taking the next painkiller instead of sticking to my solid 4-5 hour schedule I’ve started to feel hints of it so I’m not keen on the idea of letting it wear off just yet. The swelling is remarkably little, although I still look like I had poorly thought out plastic surgery…..the square jawline look is definitely NOT for me. I’m now worrying that I’ll be the only person I’ve ever met who will actually GAIN weight after having their wisdom teeth cut though because I have to eat every four hours in order to take my medicine or else I start feeling really really nauseous (is that spelled right?) and I somehow don’t think that a session of porcelain worship would be the best thing for my stitches considering I’m not even supposed to spit! Thus far I’ve eaten more cream of wheat than I remember from any single winter in my childhood (I have to pretend it’s cold outside in order to eat this stuff and I’ve not been helped by the brilliantly sunny weather these past couple of days – althought today it’s cloudy so it’s a bit easier). My diet has also consisted of sugar-free chocolate pudding and mashed potatoes (the kind from a box, blech, but seth adds stuff to make them taste better). The first thing I’m going to do when I can exert any form of energy that doesn’t result in me being dizzy and on the verge of throwing up is make real mashed potatos. Mmmmm…..anyhow, it’s almost time for another pain killer so better go fix some cream of wheat and start thinking wintery thoughts.

btw there really wasn’t any place a paragraph was truly appropriate so I apologize for any eye damage, but just deal with it!!!


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