Delusions of Grandeur

ridiculous expectations

Posted on: June 7, 2004

Today I decided that since the swelling had gone down quite a bit it meant that there must not be as much pain. This lead to the decision to switch from Percocet to Darvocet in an attempt to reduce the drug induced haze in which I was living. Well, I don’t know about a difference in pain level, what I do know is I felt nothing on the percocet and feel a slight amount on the darvocet. I also know that for some reason I also decided that it would be fine for me to go shopping with seth and over to his parents’ place for dinner. It was not fine. Halfway through the dealings with the cingular store I started feeling woosy (is that actually a word?) and nauseous, with a touch of dizzy. It didn’t help that the cingular store clerk was burning a vanilla scented candle which makes me feel sick in the best of circumstances. Everything was just downhill from there. I ended up sitting in the middle of an aisle in Best Buy for a good ten minutes while I waited for seth to make his selection. When we got to his parents I took a brief nap on the couch which seemed to restore my equilibrium for a while, but as I’ve been sitting here I find myself wavering into the land of dizziness and nausea again. The end result of this is that I will probably move back to percocet for the rest of the night (if I’m going to be dizzy and nauseous I may as well have a complete lack of pain to go along with it) and I may very well end up leaving work early tomorrow. Blah. Seth leaves tomorrow for Lake Tahoe and won’t be back until Monday, but Jessica is arriving on Saturday so I’ve only got 4 days of boredom and solitude, which may turn out to be good for me in my present mood.

I just realized that this entry probably doesn’t have any sort of point to it at all, but you’re all going to have to deal with it…..painkillers are apparently not condusive to clear and rational thought. Although I wrote my final paper when doped up on them and still got an A on it so maybe I’m not as irrational as I think. 🙂


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