Delusions of Grandeur

I really need to quit using “general update” as my subject line….

Posted on: June 11, 2004

But I’m not feeling very creative, so you’ll just have to deal with me putting it in a sentence and pretending that I was creative. All is generally blah here, however the good news is that things are looking up. It’s Friday, and nobody can be depressed on a Friday, plus Jessica arrives tomorrow night and then we’re going to make the relatively short trip down to Key West on Sunday and come back on Monday. She’ll be here until Thursday, then I need to pack Thursday night to leave for Alaska on Friday. I’m sure Alaska is going to be tons of fun, and I should definitely be off the mush diet by then.

In other news, I’m finally off the pain killers and am experiencing only moderate residual pain that is a result of my own idiotic attempt to eat bagel bites in a brief rebellion against the mush diet. I didn’t chew with my back teeth, but my jaw just generally didn’t like the compromise of chewing with the front teeth and I’m sure some particles got trapped and annoyed the wisdom holes further so all in all it was a bad idea. Live and learn, right? The plan for tonight is to spend endless hours playing Rise of Nations which is my new insane addiction, I think I’m going to kill Kae for bringing it into this house, but I can’t seem to drag myself away from the computer for long enough to plan his death, so I probably won’t bother seeking vengance.

That’s pretty much it for now, I’ve been a bit tired and out of it since Seth left. Staying here alone isn’t nearly as bad as staying in the Grove alone was but I still don’t sleep that well when he’s gone. It all goes to show that I would be a complete and total failure at living by myself. I’m so pathetic that I have to booby-trap the door so that it would make an extreme amount of noise if anybody even attempted to turn the handle, much less force their way in. And on top of that I still end up waking up four or five times a night to check that the door is locked and that my trap is still in place. Alright, I’m going to shut up now before we delve any deeper into my issues, suffice it to say I have them and we’ll leave it at that. Hope everybody’s doing alright out there. 🙂


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