Delusions of Grandeur

The gods of June hate me

Posted on: June 28, 2004

So I discovered today that my car had been wrongfully towed, but since they put a notice on it for 48 hours (fat lot of good it did me since I was in Alaska) they say that I’m still responsible for the towing charge. Since I never drive my car I didn’t bother with the registration this year, meaning my tags are expired, which means that it costs more than twice as much as it usually would. They originally quoted me $360, but I talked ’em down to $250, which I still can’t afford, but if I don’t pay it they destroy the car and then put a lien on my tags so that if I ever try to register a car in my name in the future I still have to pay it. I’m just going to pay it and drive the darn thing straight to carmax and take them up on their, “we buy any car even if you don’t buy one from us” offer. I don’t care what they give me for it, I just hope it covers the cost of the tow truck company. 😦

What an expensive month.

I’m probably going to get a second job at least for the next couple of months so I can get caught up again and hopefully a little ahead in time for the holidays. This means that I definitely won’t be making it to Texas any time this summer, but I am going to try to come up for New Year’s. Thanksgiving is out since we spend it in Boston and Christmas I’m spending with my Grandmother in Orlando, but I don’t pay for either of those so I should be able to afford New Year’s tickets. I guess we’ll see what happens. The other good news about that is that I will once again have vacation days by that point in time since I’ve mostly used up mine this year, although I have plenty of sick days and a couple of personal days left.

**all paragraphs gratuitously added specifically so I could say that I have gratuitous paragraphs (and also so I can avoid whining.) 🙂


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