Delusions of Grandeur

New Toys

Posted on: July 3, 2004

We did a lot of shopping today and didn’t spend a dime of our own money. Seth’s parents bought him a tablet pc as a present for getting into medical school and we got lots of nifty new toys to go along with it, including a wireless router. We also got a new mouse that has all kinds of neat internet features and it’s not one of those awful thumb-ball things, which is what we used to have. That thing has been hurting my hand for years, but Seth thought it was all in my head. That is, until this semester, when he was on the computer a lot more and this summer when he’s been playing games on the computer a lot so he’s been using the mouse and discovered that it DOES hurt. I’ve already set up the wireless network and everything is working dandy. I think when I finally get out from underneath the mountain of debt I buried myself in last month I’ll buy a wireless card for my laptop so I can live the happy life of freedom from wires. 🙂

We’re now wavering on the Orlando issue, we had decided we weren’t going and now we’re talking about going and staying in a motel for like 20 bucks, mainly because we feel bad that his family is so close and we don’t want to seem as if we can’t be bothered to come visit. We still haven’t made a decision, but as it stands right now we’re closer to going than we are to not. That’s pretty much it for now, I just thought I would update and tell you guys about the cool new toy. Hugs and love to all!

Oh yeah…I almost forgot, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!


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