Delusions of Grandeur

Do any of you remember the Mexican forest fires….

Posted on: July 13, 2004

The ones that resulted in seemingly cloudy/foggy days, but instead of being cloudy it was actually smoky and you felt like your lungs were going to fall out if you stayed outside for more than a few minutes? Yeah, so I’m getting to live part two of that right now. I live pretty far north-east of the fires right now so it’s not as bad as it is say down in coral gables, but it’s getting bad and we’re starting to be able to smell the smoke inside as well as out. My throat is already bothering and I can’t imagine the coughing is going to be waiting too much longer to make an appearance. Sigh. It’s just a brush fire, we’re surrounded by water, why on earth can’t they put it out? It’s been going on for DAYS now.


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