Delusions of Grandeur

meme silliness

Posted on: July 20, 2004

LJ Username
Suspect katiebit
murders iteagle03
with a revolver
in the conservatory.
This fun quiz by tgrupert – Taken 464 Times.

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Your LOTR profile
Full Name
Your twin is Eowyn – Confused and lonely
Your weapon of coice Hairy Hobbit Foot
Could you survive in middle earth? Absolutely
Would you destroy the ring? Of course
What power would you have? Extremely strong and talented with a sword
This Quiz by brittlissasonya – Taken 163 Times.

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he he…hairy hobit foot…

Your LJ friends
LJ Username
friend that secretly dislikes you iteagle03
friend that never actually reads your LJ katiebit
friend that strives to be just like you vespadarling
friend that admires you inapickle
friend that has grown sick of you nightwing323
friend that is planning your death angiej
This QuickKwiz by rockymeow – Taken 763 Times.

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