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I’ve never been fond of crabs, I don’t like seafood in general and the other kind (you know, the ones you thought of when you read my subject line….just admit it!), well that’s just gross. So you can imagine my dismay when I discovered that there is such a thing as “land” crabs here in south florida. Somehow I had managed to live here three years, one of which I lived right off the water, without discovering this. I had to find out the hard day while walking my dog the other day. I was walking through the garage paying more attention to the ceiling than the floor (we also have ALOT of spiders) and suddenly Nathan took off. I thankfully stopped his leash, thinking he was chasing a cat, but no, instead I see this gigantic crab (well, maybe not gigantic, but certainly large enough to startle me) doing a wierd sideways run thing.

Ever since that day I’ve had to divide my attention between the ceiling and the floor because many legged creatures can now attack me from either direction. I can’t tell you how disturbing this is. Instead I’ll leave it to your imaginations…..but keep in mind that spending the majority of the first five years of your life in El Paso, TX home of scorpions, several nasty poisonous spiders, and gigantic cockroaches leaves it’s mark on the psyche. Crabs… more reason to think Miami is a fairly unpleasant place to live. Thank god it’s only four more years!!!

at least his subconscious tells the truth!

It’s been pointed out to me by a couple of people that I’ve been MIA lately (that’s missing in action, not the abbreviate for the miami airport, in case there’s any confusion.) 😉 So I figured I better do a real post and let everybody know I’m alive. Things have just been really really crazy at work recently. We had our annual report due to our funding agency week before last and then this past week and into yesterday we were working on a HUGE IRB amendment, on top of which it’s the beginning of the month which means all the billing for the clinic is due. Added to all that has been getting registered for school this fall, dealing with Seth starting medical school, Cliff and Yvy’s wedding, and the second summer session course I’m taking which started yesterday. As you can see I haven’t had alot of internet time here recently. Nonetheless, I’m alive, well, and shouldn’t have any difficulty posting with my usual semi-regularity again. Hope everybody’s been doin’ alright, I’ve got a few days of posts to go through on my friends list, so if any of you had any sorts of emergencies and I didn’t acknowledge them then please accept my apologies and let me know if I can help in anyway.

Hugs, love and sunshine…..’cause it FINALLY stopped raining here!

So apparently somebody has done a remake of an old dolly parton song, from which my middle name hails. I didn’t know this until about five seconds ago….wait, I just checked the radio and it’s been 1 minute and 5 seconds….anyhow, my point is, what on earth are the odds that not only will somebody remake an obscure dolly parton song, but that the first time I tune in to country music in FOREVER, it’s the song that’s playing. WHY GOD WHY?!?!?!?!? Oddly enough I also heard Darling Nikki (oh how I hate that song!) on the radio the other day for the first time ever. Until now the only time I had heard that song was from a cd. Maybe somebody thinks I’ve forgotten my name or something? Or there’s some random contest on to dig up old songs that feature my various names in annoying ways…..hmmmm….


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