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My love affair with sleep

Posted on: May 3, 2010

I am one of those people who needs an inordinate amount of sleep….we’re talking to the tune of 13 hours a night.  Honestly, that’s how much sleep I need to feel content and happy.  I love sleep.  I love to take naps, I love to sleep in on rainy days, I love falling back asleep after my husband leaves for work, there is absolutely nothing I love more than running the a/c full blast and curling up under my warm cozy covers on my soft fluffy bed and snoozing away the morning.  It should come as no surprise then that I absolutely hate anything that interferes with sleeping.  I honestly routinely wish for equipment failures for the people next store who have been working on constructing a new condominium for what feels like a million years just so they can’t wake me up at ungodly hours with their annoying bulldozers and other loud noises. 

What is absolutely amazing to me is the fact that my son, who wakes me up at all hours of the night and is a routine impediment to sleep, engenders absolutely no resentment from me.  I love my husband, honestly more than I ever thought I could ever love anybody, and yet if he were to wake me up even half as much as my son does I honestly think I would have to contemplate homicide.  How strange is it, then, that when I am dragged from the arms of sleep by the cries of my son I am filled with love and a sense of wonder instead of anger or resentment?  Can hormones truly be that powerful?  I am continually amazed by the incredibly powerful changes that this bond has brought about in me.  If anybody had ever told me that anybody or anything could come between me and sleep and not only would I not hate that person, but would actually love them beyond my own ability to comprehend I would have laughed hysterically…and yet that seems to be exactly what has happened.


4 Responses to "My love affair with sleep"

My son is four months old, and in theory, I really miss sleep and spend many hours daydreaming about when my next lie-in (beyond 730) will be – 2018, perhaps?! But in practice, I really don’t mind getting up with him. It’s just as well, really.

Hi Amy –
I actually typed a reply to you this morning on my phone and then hit the wrong button and lost it so I just have to hope that this reply has the same general spirit that the one that cyberspace ate had. My son just turned five months yesterday and I think it was just about a month ago that he was going through a growth spurt and literally waking up every hour on the hour to eat, so I hope you’re not dealing with that right now, but if you are just know that it gets better really soon! Maybe one day in the not so distant future you’ll turn and look at your clock and discover that you’ve both managed to sleep in until 10:30 in the morning and you’ll get to have that lovely cozy feeling that comes from a good lie in. 🙂

isn’t motherhood so wonderfully inexplicable?

It really is amazing Kim, I just can’t figure out how it’s possible that my whole world view managed to rearrange itself in such a short time!

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