Delusions of Grandeur

Time flies

Posted on: December 5, 2010

wow…..everybody tells you that time will completely disappear once you  have a child and at some point in time you will look up and realize you have a thirty year old.  Well, I’m not at that point yet, but I am wondering how on earth I ended up with a one year old.  Really, it felt like the first five months took FOREVER and I was ready to chalk all of that “pay attention, time disappears faster than you realize” advice up to nonsense, but then I blinked and it went from five months to a year seemingly overnight (although to be fair, it was one sleepless extremely groggy night!)

Looking back at the last year it seems like I’ve spent an inordinate amount of it worrying.  Worrying over colds and ear infections, when to start switching from breastfeeding to formula, what type of baby food to use, how often he should be eating that food, is he too hot or cold at night, why isn’t he sleeping through the night, is he still breathing when he sleeps for longer than usual, all of that stuff.  But most prevalently I’ve spent my time worrying about milestones.  Elijah has been in physical therapy twice a week since just before he was nine months old because by the time he turned eight  months old he still wasn’t sitting.

Several months of physical therapy later and he’s finally conquered sitting (although he’ll still occasionally flop backwards and slam his head into whatever happens to be behind him…ouch!).  He even finally figured out crawling on his birthday.  Everything I’ve ever read and pretty much every parent I’ve ever talked to warns against getting too caught up in when your child achieves various milestones, but at the same time there’s also that little voice in the background that haunts your nightmares telling you over and over that you’re missing something, that you’re letting something important slide and if you don’t schedule a doctor’s visit RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND then you’ll regret it two years from now.  It really is enough to drive you absolutely insane.  All you can do is hope in the end that you made the right choices.  Of course I can blithely say that, but we all know that I’m going to be like every other mother in history and look back and find six million things I could have done better/differently.

Alright, now that I’ve emptied my mind for the moment, here’s a recommendation for a great website for those of you who like to document your life either through blogging or scrapbooking or even facebook status messages, whatever….take a moment and check out  The site is all about scrapping every day, real life moments, not just big celebrations.  As a scrap fanatic the idea really appeals to me.  Now if only I could find some time somewhere 🙂


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