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Something that makes you smile…

Posted on: January 3, 2011

The topic today on the post a day/week challenge blog is to share something that makes you smile.  My little “show and tell” object is actually somewhat related to some of my previous posts and something I’ve wanted to share for a while, I just keep losing it.  In the back of the Mahzor that my Synagogue uses are some supplemental readings and home ceremonies which I always browse through when I’m not necessarily paying attention to the service (yes, there are definitely times I’m not paying attention, I admit it).  One of these has always stuck with me and I finally got around to asking our Rebbetzin to make a copy of it for me so I could have it.  It’s called the “Little” Resolutions and can be found on page 873, although I have no idea what the specific Mahzor we use is called.

“Little” Resolutions

A little less impatient with those we deem to slow;
A little less arrogant because of all we know.
A little less conceited since our worth is slight;
A little less intolerant even when we are right.

A little more forgiving and swifter to be kind;
A little more desirous the word of praise to find;
A little more eager to help others to rejoice;
A little more careful to speak with gentle voice.

A little more effort to see another’s view;
A little more determined to live faithfully as a Jew;
A little more willingness to extend a helping hand;
A little more commitment to our people and our land.

A little more eagerness to listen and understand;
A little more readiness to respond to God’s command;
A little more resolve to do what must be done;
And a greater understanding that, truly, “we are one!”

This may seem like an odd thing to make me smile, but picturing the world that would ensue if we all managed to do even a portion of the things suggested in this poem is something that could bring a smile to anybody’s face.


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