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One of the pieces of advice I’ve read over and over related to blogging is that you should pick one central theme and stick to that.  I’ve officially decided to respectfully disagree with that advice.  In the case where a blog is your own personal blog and you are writing it for your own personal exercise (and maybe to keep up with your friends a bit because many of them still complain that they miss the days of live journal), I think it’s perfectly acceptable for your blog to have just as many “identities” as you do.  None of us are one single piece of our lives.  We’re not only students or parents or children or taxi drivers or whatever (I could go on indefinitely, but I don’t want to drag it on).  Each of those things are only a piece of us.  So if you want to have a blog about scrapbooking, mountain climbing, silly internet memes, travel advice, the most annoying places you’ve stubbed your toe and the occasional post about underwater basket weaving in the north atlantic (dress warmly!), then that’s what you should have.   If the purpose of your blog is business related and you’re trying to drive one specific type of customer, then by all means make it single purpose, but if it’s your own personal ramblings, shouldn’t your WHOLE person be part of that?

This particular topic is on my mind right now because I’ve taken a year and a half (or so) sabbatical from blogging and more than half the problem is that I forgot that I started this mostly to entertain myself and started thinking I needed to be “meaningful” and “insightful.”  Talk about Delusions of Grandeur eh?  So for my friends who are annoyed at me for taking such a long break, I’m back 🙂 and I promise more of the “whatever’s on my mind” ramblings that you were previously used to.  (The rest of the problem is a sheer lack of time, until I figure out how to convince the universe to let me use more than 24 hours in a day there’s not much I can do about that!)  Anyhow, I’m done with my little mini identity crisis and have decided to embrace my whole identity instead of trying to figure out which piece is the most meaningful to myself and to all of you.  The one exception is that I will still be keeping all of my Fragile X and most Elijah related posts in my other blog ( simply because that truly does make sense to keep in its own grouping.  Here’s to embracing our whole selves, let the random begin (again!).



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