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One of the ironies of life is how seldom you do things at the time you’re “supposed” to be doing them.  I just finished an MBA.  At no point in time during that entire program until my capstone course did I read any of the popular business books.  You know the ones I’m talking about:  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, The Experience Economy, Good to Great.  You get the idea.  Part of it was that I wasn’t required to read them.  Part of it was that I hadn’t yet discovered the beauty of having books on my phone (thank you thank you thank you for the Kindle App….you’ve made all that time I spend in waiting rooms productive!!), and part of it was that I wasn’t really that interested.  Sad for someone enrolled in business school, but also a partial commentary on one of the deficits of the way education is set up.

It was actually the capstone course which was much less of a traditional “course” and much more of an overall “experience” that actually got me thinking about these books and in the weeks since my capstone I’ve been plowing my way through them.  Some of it reinforces what I learned in business school.  Some of it puts a more “real world” perspective on things and some of the material in the books is decidedly more optimistic and how things “should” be.  What I find most interesting is that I feel like I’m retaining far more from reading the books and working backwards to the concepts behind them than I did learning the concepts by themselves.  Perhaps it’s because I already know the concepts or maybe I just learn better this way.  The fact of the matter is that I won’t truly know because I don’t have a comparison right now to a state where I don’t know the concepts.  But I intend to find one.  As I work my way through these books I’m finding things that are vaguely connected in other fields, but which are equally interesting and I suspect when I get to those books there will be several concepts I’m not familiar with so it’ll be very interesting to see if the “backwards” learning style is still better for me.

In any event, I wanted to share a recommendation from this reading.  One of the books I picked up was David Cottrell’s “Tuesday Morning Coaching.”  It is one of the books recommended by the company I work for last year after he spoke at our annual company meeting and it’s one I’ve been meaning to pick it up.  I’m about 2/3rds of the way through it and so much of it applies not only to work, but also to a good way to lead your personal life.  He’s done a fabulous job breaking down very broad “life lessons” into accessible plans anybody can work into their own self-improvement projects.



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